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. >> is the shooter a federal employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> i don't know. >> does the fbi know? >> indicate why he was -- >> not that i'm aware of. >> chief, of course there were earlier reports of multiple suspects, 10, 15 minutes ago, we saw a person in handcuffs. can you explain? >> you know, in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly, and many people come in, there is, there's always chaos in any type of event like this. and there's always the, everybody's always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. as we stand here right now, there is only one individual that is responsible for this as we know as that active shooter in our terminal. and i want to follow up a little on what the mayor said. this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and confronted this individual in our airport. unfortunately, it involved an officer involved shooting, but that's what needed to be done in that particular situation and that was heroic. we practiced that this. not more than t
clear about the specifics. it turns out many insurance plans don't meet the new coverage requirement under obamacare. they don't rise to the level and those folks have to find new insurance. the white house says fewer than 5% or all americans with lose their plans. it's a small percentage but when you consider that's 15 million people, it is not insignificant at all. especially if you're one of them. the president talked about the disastrous rollout of the obamacare web site. he says it's his fault if it doesn't, quote, work like a charm. the problem secretary sebelius said the president takes seriously. >> i think he feels this is his signature item. we all feel responsible for getting the benefits to the people, and do i wish things had operated totally smoothly on october 1st? you bet. what october a bad month? you bet. >> but no apologies from the president today down in new orleans. he briefly touched on the healthcare law at the end of his speech. he defended it and said it will end up helping our economy. ed henry is live at the white house for us this afternoon. today the pre
off, he is likely to make an announce independent the next couple of days he is seeking -- don't call it rehab but will seek professional help to get him through whatever demons he has about banling -- battling. i was told this was unrelated to the latest video originally obtained by the toronto star newspaper. we don't know what it's about. there's no context to it, but it is awfully colorful and we put some subtitles on it to help you understand what he is trying to say. have a look. >> didn't take but a few minutes after the release of the video for the mayor to come out of his office and again apologize to the city and his constituents. have a look here. >> very, very inebriated. extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see it. i don't have a problem with that. but it is extremely embarrassing. and i don't know what to say. >> reporter: his attorney says they do not know what context this video was shot in. they don't know what he was talking about. whether it was opponents or challenge to get into the boxing ring. the newspaper has not given any context. they don't kno
't be out saying, this is going to be great. i'm accused of a lot of things, but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity, a week before the web site opens, if i thought that it wasn't going to work. >> white house officials warned the web glitches would lead to low enrollment numbers, and they were right. 106,000 people enrolled in the first month. barely a fifth of the administration's goal. so let's get team coverage. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. and peter, who is live outside the white house. what did the president say about all the people getting cancellation notices? >> reporter: he said he is sorry for all those people getting cancellation notices and for fumbling the healthcare rollout but said he is not sorry for trying to reform the healthcare system, and the president was pretty candid, shepard in admitting the people who wrote the affordable care act didn't do enough to prevent the wave of cancellations notices flooding mail boxes across the country for the last six week. >> with respect to the pledge i
? we don't know, but we'll have a breaking news update next. >> george zimmerman, back in front of a judge today, faces charges he pulled a gun on his new girlfriend. and will have a live update. >>> we're waiting for a state news conference regarding state senator creigh deeds. he is now in the hospital, critical. his son found in his own home, shot and killed. now questions about his mental stability and what may have precede all of this. police to hold a live news conference, scheduled in the next 12 minutes. live coverage from the fox news deck. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes! well, i found this new thing called... [ dennis' voice ] allstate quickfoto claim. [ normal voice ] it's an app. you understand that? just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get [dennis' voice] a quicker estimate, quicker payment, [normal voice] quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your...father. [ vehicle approaches ] [ dennis ] introducing quickfoto claim. just
folks who rode it out as their house collapsed around them. >> my husband came back and i said i don't know what to do, and we just stood in the hallway where there were no windows and just held each other. >> my son said, there it is, and a matter of seconds it was right on top of us. we hustled in the house, and before we knew it, it was gone. it was that fast. >> we got the mattress, over the top and barely got the boys covered and got underneath it. i'm still picking debris out of my hour. >> weather officials say strong winds and twisters slammed a dozen states but by far the rare late-season storm hit hardest in illinois. mike tobin there is in the continue of washington im, where the mayor says as many as 500 homes are destroyed. an incredible panorama look right there what is the priority where you are right now? >> reporter: governor pat quinn says the priority is search and rescue, which is underway, but the priority really is recovery. getting the people from these def stated -- devastated neighborhoods back with a roof over their head, warmth and shelter. you look at the
low. >> i don't think there's any question that the administration, which promised to complete a marathon in essentially 60 days, going from a failed website to a successful one, will now simply define success as going 50 feet or 100 feet on that multi-marathon. >> reporter: issa and conley are reforming information to the way the federal government buys technology. they say the federal government pays too much and gets less than the private sector. >> one campaign for the went site has been, well, we don't want too many people trying get on all along. it's a campaign for the next time it rolls out. are they trying to keep enrollment down? >> reporter: well, in fact, they are. they've asked some democrat-leaning groups that had planned major campaigns, advertising campaigns, door to door, if you will, to push people to do online enrollment for healthcare.gov. they asked them to cancel those plans, or at least delay them. so that they don't strain the system that right now can only handle about 50,000 people at a time. ultimately, they've got to get millions of people, especiall
, clear as mud today. what are the politics behind this? >> i don't think they're so muddy. i think it ills pretty clear, -- it is pretty clear, and just when i think i'm getting too cynical, something like this happens and you realize maybe i'm not cynical enough. you have to remember that one of the keys -- a lot of people were looking to the second year, not the first year signup, because if, as a lot of people fear, the older, sicker population signs up for obamacare but the younger, healthier people don't, then the insurance companies, because they have greater expenses than they anticipated, have to raise premiums substantially in the second year. so there was a lot of, boy, this is going to be tough for them. the signup is october 15th, just two weeks before the election, a lot of older voters will see that their primums have gone up -- premiums have gone up and that could impact how they vote in november, and now, just out of the blue, because of concern for the insurance companies and giving people more time to sign up, they've decided, well, we'll delay it from october 15t
. but we're early so we don't know the full demographic picture. so far it's against the insurer. >> i wonder how much of this is about the app. i lean if you go to the app and it doesn't load instantly, you move on to the next thing. i wonder if the young ones aren't waiting until works. >> that's probably correct and the administration is hoping for that. that's why sebelius said we're not going to extend the open enrollment period. we need to get the insurers with information early so they can understand what they're bins going to look like in 2015, not just 2014. so we're not going to extend the open enrollment period. >> i was reading today in religious -- relation to the story about the mayor in toronto, about canada's problem they had with the same contractor, cgi, which set this up. they had huge problems modernizing the healthcare plan that works well in canada. they were trying to modernize is and then cgi screwed up their. web site and then screwed up us. >> they had a slow rampup of its program, and the federal government decided to write the software for its program. calif
for and i don't necessarily want and it may particularly if they don't get a subsidy cost a whole lot more money. >> the politics of all of, this chris is really fascinating to me. especially the part where bill clinton came forward and said that president obama should make good on his promise either by changing the law or whatever else. why would that happen at this point? does that have something to do with 2016? how do you see that? >> well, people are are -- you know, it's a good question and there about a lot of people in washington asking themselves why would bill clinton who certainly has a long record in trying to accomplish, you know, an expanded health insurance policy that would take care of uninsured, why we do that? he was very specific. he said even if you have to change the law, now, imagine, you know, that's saying to the president go back to congress. go back to a republican house and say we want to make some fixes to obamacare. what are the chances that would get through? and some people are suggesting, perhaps bill clinton is trying to distance hillary clinton from this
. that seems the cbs survey 57% of the americans don't approve of the job as president. that's all-time high in that poll. 37% approve. that's down from 46% in october when the healthcare web site launched. we have team fox coverage now. mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill. let's start with ed henry who is live at the white house. between the polls and democrats bill clinton urging him to make some changes. there is a lot of pressure on the president from his own supporters here. there are and with that pressure from democrats who want to see changes to the law you clearly see that's one of the reasons why the president is meeting today with those state insurance commissioners he needs them. white house says beating up on the insurance agency before saying they dropped people off their plans it's really their fault. the bottom line is if he doesn't have the insurance health helping to figure ought of this out, it's going to make it that much harder once the web site is fixed to actually deal with the substance of this law. you will remember bill clinton had a little bit of criticis
. they're trained to fly the airplanes they have with the equipment on it in the process of that they don't get a lot of stick time, and that means when these system goes down or the systems don't do the right thing, the skills needed to be honed to understand that, and i think this report alone fixes half the problem. you're going to have the airline pilots association, they're going to be on this, and that situation is going to get fixed in the near term. doesn't mean we're unsafe. just means when certain things going on you're looking at a man saying, now what do i do? >> you spend to much time letting the machine do it. driving a car is muscle memory, but if you live in cruise control all the time you lose your edge. is that part of this? >> it is. i have old cars and learned very expensively that old cars don't shut the headlights off on their own, don't pop the brake off. expensive. in here, hand flying an airplane, stick time, is important, too, and every professional pilot in america is paying attention to this report. >> it's my understanding from a couple of pilot is know that f
the further downtown you go the more expensive it gets. not your typical inner city. those people don't like him and think he is a national embarrassment. one current city council member with whom i used to work in toronto some years ago, adam vaughn, said he is a profoundly difference funkal person who -- difference funkal person who has failed his way to the top. so people downtown don't like him, it in suburbs like him because the economy is doing well, and their taxes are lower than they have been. >> has he ever had attendance problems? does the fail to show up for work or shown up drunk? >> he shows up in a number of different states and does that when he goes out in public as well. the one thing that rob ford does, which kind of affects his attendance, he coaches a football team. a high school football team. and sometimes he has been known to leave city council meetings to coach the team. but there's no question, shep, he is a bombastic character, political bully, unlike most politicians that canada has ever seen. let alone the city of toronto, and canadaans are known for politicians
to retain the choice they had, which was really, when you go back to the debate back in 20, i don't think it would have passed had they not been able to make this promise that we know now is really not accurate. >> that congressman, the republican fred upton, sponsored a bill to let anybody buying insurance that doesn't meet obamacare's requirements, even people who don't have such plans. the house passed the measure this afternoon. the white house vows to veto the bill calling it an effort to sabotage all of obamacare. let's get started with the fox business network's peter barnes who is live on the north lawn. with whom is the president meeting this afternoon? >> reporter: shep, about a dozen or so of these health insurance executives arrived here about 20 minutes ago, entering the west wing, and they represent companies including it narks humana, the tufts health care plan, which is big in new england, the florida blue cross blue shield and other blue cross blue shields around the cub -- country and they're arriving with a warning to the president that the change he anyway announced
. there is going to be waits. usually only a few hours. the trick is try to be nice. don't make any enemies on the way to your thanksgiving. you will get there but probably be late. harris. >> you are one of the friendliest people on the planet. karl. thank you. happy holidays. a lot of holiday travelers are facing potentially dangerous driving conditions. we are learning a lot of you a big chunk will on' the roads than ever before. along interstate 9 a. very busy thoroughfare by the george washington bring haste, the temperature plummeting in the new york area. 31 degrees and now in the low 40s. expected to hit the upper 20's this evening. there could be snow in the new york city area which will just add to some of these drivers' misery. here are some the 39 million people on the roads today. happy traffic coming out of new york city. george washington bridge. much heavier inbound toward new jersey toward new york city and also toward long island and connecticut where rains have been very heavy. up to three and a half inches falling across parts of connecticut. the worst weather so far in
. >> the israelis are not on board, at least with the framework we have here. >> they don't appear to be, no. prime minister netanyahu has launched a public campaign against it, and i certainly understand and sympathize with israel's concerns about iran, but it would be much better if israel has a beef with the united states, to argue privately, but not to argue publicly. only iran's going to benefit pun the united states and israel. so far better for prime minister netanyahu not to take on president obama publicly, but let's have a discussion behind the scenes. that's what allies and friends do. >> is there a consensus on how much access to these sites and the enrichment program is enough access? >> i don't think there is. there is an agreement today between the international atomic energy agency in iran that they would allow more access to the iaea but it's not enough. the military site that a lot of people have concerns about are still closed. so the iranians are not being as forthcoming as they profess to be, and i think -- continue to think we need have a very tough-nosed approach here towards
, they don't deny that, but what they refuse to do is really explain why they missed these warning signs and why they didn't put one person in charge of this rollout and responsible and accountable for making sure that the president's signature domestic achievement actually rolled out smoothly. in fact david cutler went on to say this is basically the biggest start up in the world and yet they didn't put ning who had dealt with the startup or anyone who had ever run a business in america in charge of this thing. >> there's no question that when it comes to the launching of the website, that more should have been done in order to children that it would function effectively. i think that's pretty obvious. >> that's pretty obvious, but why they didn't put someone in charge sooner is not so obvious. a key advisor to the president is now in charge of fixing that website by the end of no, but attend of year, he's supposed to come over here to the white house and work in an economic post. so they will be looking for someone else to be taking over that. >> the entire rollout is a disaster, not j
on candidly, fully. >> yes. >> so we don't wake up end of november and lo and behold still not there yet. >> there is a long track record of broken promises and untruthful answers to both this committee and the american people with respect to how this law should work or would work and the impact it would have. now, i hope that that will stop today. >> i mentioned the president getting an earful from members of his own party. we have learned that the president, vice president, white house chief of staff and jeff zoins the guy who is due to fix the healthcare web site met with the 2014 democrats in the senate who are up for he re-election. we understand there is a lot of frustration expressed in the room. lawmakers unable -- say are their constituents are still unable to get on the web site and so the administration wanted to let a little pressure out of the room. shep? >> mike, what about questions over the web site's security. >> there has been a lot about that because, of course, you are putting very personal information in terms of your own health and also your social security number,
. an anonymous caller said his roommate was headed to yale with a gun. we don't even know if it could all be a hoax. we will let you know if anything happens. >>> investigators scheduled to release a report right now on last year's mask massacre at sa hook. and a dangerous winter storm on the move. hundreds of flights canceled. head, how it could affect your thanksgiving travel plans. >>> and inside the deal with iran, why critics say iranians are getting off easy. >>> but first, from the fox news desk, a major development for that 16-year-old in stubenville, ohio. more school employees are facing charges in the case. this after an investigation into whether adults knew of the rape and failed to report it. >> it started out about the kids, but it is also just as much about the parents. about the grown ups, about the adults. how do you hold kids accountable if you don't hold the adults accountable. >> a judge convicted them of raping a girl that year. so what charges are the adults facing, mike? >> you know, john, part of what made this case catch national attention was all of the blog and
businesses always said they want to run them according to biblical principals. i don't think they should tell americans they give up a fundamental freedom because they decide to open a family business and pursue a dream. >> they will combine the hobby lobby challenge with another employer that is challenging the man dane. david is representing the second employer. a government that forces any business to parties pace in immoral acts -- >> we'll hear the case in march or april and a decision by june. >> what about the white house, any response? >> they're sounding very confident. it is interesting here. the administration joined hobby lobby and asked the court to take the case. they want it to be settled. here is what the white house said. the health care law puts women and families in control of their health care by providing carefree of charge. the president believe that's no one, including the government or for profit organizations should be able to dictate those decisions to women. i talked to berry lynn, he supports the mandate, here is what he said. >> if every company in the country has
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